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Louisiana has dozens and dozens of species of fish in the gulf and freshwater lakes and ponds throughout the area. We offer many of these species including the following popular ones:

Speckled Trout – The white and delicate flesh of the Speckled Trout allows for simple preparation. Never with a “fishy” or oily taste, there are many recipes that are perfect for the speckled trout. Trout almondine is a mainstay of many old New Orleans restaurants.
Redfish – Similar to Speckled trout, Redfish is a very popular fish in restaurants in New Orleans and South Louisiana. The firm white flesh makes it easy to prepare and many popular creole recipes involve Redfish. Paul Prudhomme popularized Blackened Redfish, but other popular recipes include Redfish Courtbouillon, Baked or Fried Redfish, Redfish Almandine, and many more.
Drum – Another excellent mild tasting fish that is plentiful in the Gulf of Mexico. Red and Black Drum are very similar in taste and generally the smaller fish taste better. Drum fish under 5 lbs are best. Drum fish is best when filleted and either baked or fried. Be certain to not overcook drum or it will dry out.
Black Drum from the Gulf
Flounder – Flounder is a very lean fish with white flesh that makes for excellent recipes. Stuffed flounder is one of the popular recipes, usually stuffed with crabmeat, bread, and seasonings. Leaner recipes like spinach stuffed flounder, poached flounder, and baked flounder also showcase this very tasty fish.
Gulf Flounder
Fresh Shellfish
Blue Crabs – Best in the summer, but available nearly year round, the blue crabs caught in Lake Pontchartrain, the Gulf, and surrounding waters are one of the best delicacies found in Louisiana waters. Whether you eat them boiled, steamed, or in a multitude of recipes, you will enjoy the sweet taste of the Louisiana Blue Crab.
Blue Crabs
Shrimp – Gulf shrimp include the pink, white, as well as the brown shrimp, with the brown shrimp being the most plentiful. It is best to buy shrimp fresh and cook them within a day or so. If you would like to keep the shrimp for a longer period of time, it is best to freeze them. Add the shrimp and enough water to cover to a plastic bag or container. It is also best if you remove the heads prior to freezing. Shrimp are enjoyed boiled, steamed, sauteed, fried, and in many delicious recipes.
Gulf Shrimp
Oysters – Oysters are once again readily available in Louisiana. Although available nearly year round, oysters are best in the cooler months. Oysters are enjoyed raw on the half shell, fried, in soups, charbroiled, and in many other recipes. Louisiana oysters are better in texture and taste, and comprise nearly 1/3 of the oyster population in the U.S. Enjoy them here at Columbia Street Seafood. We sell them by the sack or the gallon.
Louisiana Oysters on ice
Crawfish – Louisiana produces nearly 90% of the US supply of crawfish each year. Most plentiful and cheapest in the Spring, crawfish are generally available from December through June. We’ll sell it to you live by the sack or boiled by the pound. Crawfish are used in many recipes, like Crawfish Etoufee, but are best enjoyed boiled in spicy seasoning.
Live Crawfish